Winter Services Registration Form


Terms & Conditions Of Our Winter Services

Thank you for choosing to use GHM Solutions winter snow & ice clearance services, we do appreciate your custom.

While every care is taken during our service to make sure that all surfaces you have asked us to treat are clear of snow and ice, we value your safety very highly and some may remain or reform/fall again. 

As such we ask that you take extreme care when walking or using in any way (including the use of motor vehicles/ cycles/ pushchairs/ sticks etc) all surfaces that have or have not been treated as they may still remain slippery despite our clearing and treating measures.

 We would also like to add that the salt based products we use in our treatment can leave residue on the ground which may discolour or stain surfaces that have been treated. This can also be inadvertently transported on your shoes/clothing into your home/car etc. This can also cause staining or discolouration and we strongly advise that you take special care to remove this to prevent stain or damage to surfaces in your home or car etc. It is also worth noting that the grit we use is not beneficial to plant or animal life in any way and we would advice caution with your pets and garden.


As such G. H. M. Solutions (Ben Harrison) cannot be held responsible or accountable in the unfortunate event of any injury or damage to property/persons/pets or garden that may result from a slip/fall/accident or as a result of chemicals we use or in conjunction with our service.

Please note that a copy of these are left with our clients upon completion of our service.